Homeopathy and You

  • Do you have recurrent colds, chest infections, sinusitis or congestive headaches?
  • Has your life changed since losing someone close to you?
  • Are you suffering from sports injury that will not heal properly?
  • Do you suffer from hay fever or other allergic reactions?
  • Do you regularly suffer with severe premenstrual tension or painful periods?
  • Is your life over-shadowed by anxiety or depression?
  • Do you suffer with digestive problems like acid-reflux, constipation, diarrhoea or IBS?

Homeopathy is a complementary form of medicine that works in harmony with your own natural healing. Through skilled listening and discussing your health concerns I can select a natural homeopathic remedy to restore the above imbalances.

If you would like to find your path to total health call Paul now on 07449 547406 or Patricia on 01934 733658.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, founded by Samuel Hahnemann, is a well-established system of complementary healthcare that has been successfully used worldwide for over 200 years. The stresses of life, both physical and emotional, can trigger a lack of well-being and ill-health. Homeopathy gently works in harmony with your immune system. Homeopathic remedies are very safe, even for pregnant or sensitive patients, and there is no danger of addiction or toxicity. Homeopathy may be used alongside conventional medicine. More information can be found on the Society of Homeopaths website: www.homeopathy-soh.org

What happens when you see a homeopath?

Treatment starts with a detailed consultation lasting approximately 90 minutes. Children's appointments are usually much shorter. I will ask about your physical, mental and emotional health, lifestyle and preferences. You will be able to talk freely about your health and this information will help me select the best remedy for you.

How long will treatments last?

A follow-up visit, lasting no more than an hour, is usually needed to check on your progress. Treatment varies from person to person. It can last a few days to several months and in some cases may require more than one remedy depending on what needs to be cured.

Who comes to see a Homeopath?

People seeking homeopathic consultation have often been diagnosed and treated by their GP, with conditions such as those below, but feel there has been little improvement. You may be on long-term medication and wish to reduce it. Otherwise you may just feel 'out of sorts' or 'not yourself'.

  • Insomnia, recurring dreams
  • Childhood illness/behavioural issues
  • Eczema, shingles, acne rosecea
  • Food allergies, hay fever, asthma
  • Sports/trauma injury, sprains, strains
  • Grief, anxiety, depression
  • IBS, constipation, acid reflux
  • Menstrual or menopausal complaints
  • Infertility, pregnancy & childbirth
  • Ear, nose and throat problems
  • Headaches, migraines & sinuses
  • Urinary problems
  • Arthritic & rheumatic pain
  • ME / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

What will it cost?

The consultation charge is 60 per hour

The consultation price Includes:

  • Consultation time
  • Post consultation work on your case to select the best prescription
  • The medicine/remedy
  • Postage or delivery of your remedy/medicine to you
  • Reasonable telephone support between appointments

Typical appointment lengths:

  • Initial adult consultation: 90120 minutes
  • Initial child consultation: 4060 minutes
  • Follow-up adult consultation: 60 minutes
  • Follow-up child consultation: 30 minutes

homeopathy is a gentle medicine...

  • Treats you as a whole person
  • Starts with a detailed consultation of your health
  • Recognises the links between your physical, emotional and mental states
  • Works in harmony with your own natural healing
  • Is suitable for you at any age and at all stages of life
  • Selects remedies to help you on your path to Total Health

Professional Standards Authority - Accredited Register

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